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If you would like to order your own donation point or just find out more information about setting up and running one, get in touch.

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Whether you take a couple of bags to your local Cancer Research UK shop, or whether you set up a donation point at work or in your local community: thank you! Every year supporters like you raise over £65 million worth of stock for us to sell in our shops.

On average each bag of donated items in good condition is worth £25. Remember your bag would be worth 25% more if you Gift Aid it.

25 bags

Buys a tool that lets scientists accurately measure 12 things at once, speeding up the pace of our life-saving research.

100 bags

Keeps our cancer chat running for a week, helping thousands of people through very difficult times.

300 bags

Could cover the cost of a clinical trial for a year to find out if radiotherapy will pack more of a punch to cancer cells.