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The Roadshow visits local communities, raising awareness of how people can reduce their risk of cancer and spot signs and symptoms at an early stage. We also provide support to help people make positive changes to their lifestyle. 

Since launching in 2006, in partnership with Ronan Keating and the Marie Keating Foundation, we have reached over 500,000 people in over 200 cities and towns across the UK.

What do we talk about

We provide a welcoming environment for people to chat to our friendly Roadshow teams.

We talk to over 60,000 people each year about:

  • Knowing your body – by getting to know your body and what’s normal for you it will be easier to spot any unusual or persistent changes. A change won’t usually turn out to be cancer, but if it is something serious then finding it early could make all the difference
  • Living a healthy life – being smoke free, drinking less alcohol, eating healthily, watching your weight, being active and being SunSmart can all help to lower the risk of cancer
  • Making a positive change – we signpost to information, support and services

Find out more about healthy living

Find out more about spotting cancer early

What do we offer

While on the Roadshow you can:

  • Talk to one of our team about how to reduce your risk of cancer, spot cancer early and the importance of screening
  • Have a more in-depth chat with one of our nurses
  • Pick up free health information
  • Take a Smokerlyzer® test to measure the carbon monoxide levels in your lungs (for smokers)
  • Take a Body Mass Index (BMI) test to find out whether your weight is within the healthy range
  • Find out about local health services

What difference are we making?

We evaluate our activity to make sure we’re having the greatest possible impact.

We recently published an analysis of the Roadshow [1]. Our results showed that, on average, people intended to make between two and three lifestyle changes following their visit, including maintaining a healthy weight, doing more exercise and eating more healthily. Many visitors also planned to use local health services, such as stop smoking services or visit their GP.

Read the full analysis

We've recently carried out further in-depth evaluation of our Roadshow. Watch this space for the results.

“I spoke to you last year when I was smoking 30 a day. I took your advice and went to see the smoking advisors. Since then I have quit and feel great. Thank you!” Roadshow Visitor

It’s always great to hear from people who've been to the Roadshow. If you've visited us, let us know  how you’re getting on.

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[1] Smith SG, Rendell H, George H, Power E (2014). Improving cancer control through a community-based cancer awareness initiative. Preventive Medicine; 60: 121-123.

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