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What is the Cancer Awareness Roadshow?

I made an appointment at my surgery after talking to the nurse about my lump. I hadn't bothered before because I don't like to waste the doctor’s time. The Roadshow nurse made me realise how important it is to get these things checked out.

Roadshow visitor

Our Cancer Awareness Roadshow was founded in 2006 in partnership with Ronan Keating and the Marie Keating Foundation. Since launching in 2006, we have seen more than 300,000 visitors in over 200 towns and cities across the UK. Roadshow 2013 - What is the Roadshow?

It directly reaches people most in need with information about: 


Cancer Roadshow quoteNine out of ten visitors to the Roadshow say they have learnt more about how to reduce their cancer risk, and two thirds say they understand more about how to spot the signs of cancer.

The Roadshow consists of four mobile units based in different regions of the UK – the North West and North East of England, Scotland and London. By talking to our trained cancer awareness nurses, visitors to the Roadshow learn how to reduce the risk of developing cancer, how to recognise its symptoms so that it can be treated early and the importance of attending screening when invited. We also provide information about health services in the local area.

Cancer roadshow visitor quoteVisitors to the Roadshow can:

  • have a consultation with one of our Roadshow nurses, no appointment required
  • pick up our free cancer awareness resources, which include information on lifestyle and cancer, spotting cancer early, being SunSmart and ten top tips for maintaining a healthy weight
  • smokers can take a Smokerlyzer test to measure the carbon monoxide levels in their lungs
  • take a Body Mass Index (BMI) test to find out whether their weight is within the healthy range
  • find out about local health promotion services in their area

Roadshow new speechThe Roadshow units typically visit outdoor locations such as shopping high streets and supermarket car parks. We can set up in indoor locations too, and often visit regional and national events where we can reach our target audiences. 

Opening times vary according to the time of year, but generally you can visit anytime between 10am and 4pm, Tuesday to Thursday.

To find out more about the Roadshow, or request a copy of our Roadshow brouchure, please email:

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Updated: 22 March 2012