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Site features

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In this section, you can find out about some of the features of our patient information pages that we hope will make your visit easier. You can learn about the page summaries, the print basket, and the text resizing tool.


Page summaries

We have introduced quick guides to the top of long pages for people who want information about cancer, but not necessarily in as much detail. At the bottom of each summary is a downloadable and printable PDF which contains all the summaries for that section.  The image below is an example.

Page in brief image


Print basket

You can quickly and easily print multiple patient information pages by using the ‘Print basket’ tool, which can be found on most pages in the right hand column.

You can save the pages to be printed by clicking the 'Add this page' button. When you are ready, you can view all the pages saved by clicking the 'View basket' button and print them all in one go.

Print basket image


Changing text size

Some people who use our patient information pages have said that the text is too small and others have said it is too big. What you see depends on how you have your own computer set up. However, you can now make the text bigger or smaller whenever you need to by using our text resizing tool. This can be found in the options in the right hand column of most pages.


Information about closed trials and trial results

With our clinical trials search facility, you can see trials that have finished recruiting and those that have published results. The image below shows what the basic search box looks like on our clinical trials page.

trial search tool image

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Updated: 3 August 2015