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Finding your way around

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In this section you can find out about the main menu tabs and what you can find in each section of Cancer Research UK's patient information pages. You can also learn about the left hand menu and how it shows you exactly where you are in the site.


The main menu

The main menu is at the top of the page. There are five tabs – one takes you to the homepage and 4 others take you to each of the 4 main categories.  You will always know where you are because the tab you have selected is highlighted. The image below shows the homepage.

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What the four main categories contain

Your cancer type

If you are looking for information about a particular cancer, take a look at those listed in Your cancer type. Each item links to a section about that type of cancer including pages about symptoms and causes, diagnosis, treatment, and about living with that type of cancer.

Trials and research

The trials and research section has information about how cancer trials are organised and carried out. If you are trying to find information about trials, our trials database contains details of UK cancer research trials. Our new design now includes trials that have closed and those with results.  

There is a link at the bottom of the left hand menu in each cancer type section which takes you to related trials.

About cancer

About cancer tells you what cancer is, how it starts and its causes. There is also information about possible symptoms of cancer and how to control them, prevention, screenings and checks you can do yourself. You can also find out about cancer tests, types of treatments and their side effects. There is a section about complementary and alternative therapies, the research in this area and detailed information about the most common therapies used.

The Cancer questions and answers section may help you find the answers you are looking for. You can search by cancer type or by subject.

There is also a section explaining cancer statistics.

Coping with cancer

Coping with cancer has information about the emotional and practical aspects of having cancer. There are sections on feelings, talking about cancer, counselling, sex, complementary therapies, finance (including insurance) and about coming to the UK from overseas. 

There is also a section on dying with cancer, which covers all the practical and emotional issues that you may face when someone with cancer is dying. It also has information about what happens in the last few days of life.

Your tips and stories

We are sent stories, poems, cartoons and tips about coping with cancer and you can see these in the Your tips and stories section.


A useful left hand menu

The left hand menu is very useful. It changes according to the page you are on. It tells you which section you are in and what subsections and pages are available. The actual page you are looking at is highlighted in light blue.

The image below shows the left hand menu of the Acute Myeloid Leukaemia cancer type.  The actual page being looked at within this section is highlighted in light blue, in this case 'The blood'. At the bottom, links go to clinical trials and questions and answers relating to the cancer type.

Left hand menu image

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Updated: 3 August 2015