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All resources below will require registration with the provider.

Cancer Research UK supports GPs by providing free evidence-based education and information on our Cancer Learning Centre. This learning centre brings together interactive accredited e-learning modules, quizzes and case studies based on the latest evidence to support GPs to deliver best practice in early diagnosis.

The Cancer Learning Centre, provided in partnership with Cancer Research UK, is a hub of all UK’s educational cancer resources. To access the Cancer Learning Centre, you will need a account which is free for doctors and medical students. This hyperlink takes you to the login page and once logged in it automatically takes you to the Cancer Learning Centre.


Cancer Research UK and NB Medical education host webinars for GPs on various cancer related topics. They’re free to access and can be watched live or on demand, but require registration. 

Recent webinars include those on bowel (January 2024)  and lung (September 2023). You’ll find our other Cancer Research UK-partnered webinars under ‘Clinics’ along with information regarding sign up here


GatewayC is an NHS-funded online platform offering cancer-focused e-learning courses and other resources to primary care. Their courses are free to access, and Cancer Research UK collaborate to create course content. 

Recently published courses endorsed by Cancer Research UK include those on colorectal cancer and FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Tests)  (both February 2024). You'll find other Cancer Research UK-endorsed content on the Courses list including those on brain tumours and myeloma.

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