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Why should I donate shares to charity?

Donating your shares to support our work is a simple way to help us make progress against cancer. It's also one of the most tax-effective ways to give money.

  • You won't have to pay any capital gains tax on the shares you donate and you can claim income tax relief too. 
  • If you are a higher rate (40%) taxpayer you will be able to claim income tax relief equal to 40% of the value of the gift. 
  • If you are a highest rate (45%) taxpayer you will be able to claim income tax relief equal to 45% of the value of the gift. 

To qualify for tax relief, the shares or securities must be:  

  • listed or dealt on a recognised UK or foreign stock exchange
  • units in authorised unit trusts 
  • shares in a UK open-ended investment company
  • holdings in certain foreign collective investment schemes.

How do I donate shares worth less than £500?

For donations under £500, you can donate shares to ShareGift and mention Cancer Research UK. ShareGift is a charity specialising in accepting donations of shares and related cash entitlements.  

Contact them on 020 7930 3737 or through the ShareGift website

ShareGift will accept nil value shares, as long as they are transferrable. 

How do I donate shares worth more than £500?

For donations over £500, our dedicated stockbroker will help make selling your shares as easy and secure as possible. To start your giving journey, please contact us at

Alternatively, you can donate shares to ShareGift and mention Cancer Research UK. ShareGift may be particularly useful for complicated share transactions, or if you wish to support a variety of beneficiary charities from a large value share donation.  

Find out more

If you'd like any further information on giving through shares, please contact us at

If you're unsure of your tax situation and would like more information, please contact the HM Revenue & Customs helpline on 0845 900 0444 or visit the HMRC website

Sharegift badge celebrating their supportThank you to our friends at ShareGift for their exceptional support of our work over the past two decades. Since 1998, ShareGift has helped generate £1.25m for life-saving research, helping to accelerate our progress and bringing us closer to fulfilling our ambition of seeing 3 in 4 people surviving their cancer by 2034. We couldn’t be prouder of what we've been able to achieve together.

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