Julie's Story

In summer 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After a regular screening in May, I received a letter telling me that the doctors wanted me to go in for further tests. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but while away on holiday I started to feel tenderness beneath my arm. At that point I knew something wasn’t right. When I returned, I went for further tests and a biopsy. I received the results a few days later and discovered that I had ductal carcinoma in situ after doctors found cancerous cells in my breast ducts.

Change of plans

At the time my daughter Lauren was about to travel abroad with friends then on to Hong Kong to spend a semester studying, but after she found out about my diagnosis she considered not going. I was adamant that she carry on as planned, and we agreed to stay in touch via email and FaceTime once she’d left. However a few weeks after arriving in Hong Kong she was finding it impossible to concentrate, and decided to fly the 6000 miles home to support me. I didn’t want Lauren to have to leave university but she insisted she wanted to be at home. It was a remarkable gesture. She returned home in time for my third chemotherapy session and was by my side from then on.

In July I underwent a mastectomy of the left breast with lymph node clearance and then started six sessions of chemotherapy, followed by radiotherapy at the start of this year. I’m glad to say that my treatment has now finished and my recovery is going well.

Family Support

Both my daughter Lauren and son Craig have been amazing throughout this awful experience and have helped me through all the hospital appointments and the recovery process. I’m really lucky that the cancer was caught so early. Mother's Day for me, is all about being thankful that I have a very supportive and caring son and daughter who have helped me through such a difficult time.”