A study looking at 2 scans for prostate cancer (PICTURE)

Please note - this trial is no longer recruiting patients. We hope to add results when they are available.

Cancer type:

Prostate cancer





This study is looking at MRI scans and Prostate HistoScanning as ways of diagnosing prostate cancer.

Doctors diagnose prostate cancer by taking small pieces of tissue (biopsies) from the prostate gland. First they would do a needle biopsy. But sometimes they may do a different type of biopsy called a template biopsy. They may do this if the first biopsy doesn’t show any sign of cancer when the doctor suspects that there is cancer there. Or if the doctor needs more information about how serious the cancer is or where it is in the prostate.

The researchers think that 2 new ways of scanning the prostate may be better than a biopsy. The 2 scans are a MRI scan and a new type of ultrasound scan Open a glossary item called Prostate HistoScanning. The researchers think these scans may be better at showing where the cancer is and how serious it might be.

The aim of this study is to find out how well MRI scanning and Prostate HistoScanning are at identifying prostate cancer.

Who can enter

You may be able to enter this trial if you are going to University College Hospital London and you

You may also be able to take part if you had a needle biopsy at another hospital. You can talk to your hospital doctor or GP about this.

You cannot enter this trial if you

  • Have already had treatment for prostate cancer
  • Are not able to have an MRI scan (this could be because you have metal inside your body, for example, a joint replacement, a pacemaker or artificial heart valve)
  • Are not able to have a drug that stops you feeling pain (anaesthetic) Open a glossary item

Trial design

This study will recruit 280 men who are having a prostate cancer biopsy at  University College Hospital London.

If you agree to take part in this study you have 2 Prostate HistoScannings, a MRI scan and template biopsy. The ProstateHistoScanning takes a few minutes. The MRI scan takes about an hour.

For the template biopsy you go to the hospital in the morning. You should not drink or eat anything for 6 hours before. This is because you have medication to stop you feeling any pain (anaesthetic). After the procedure you can go home after you have had something to eat and drink and when you feel better.  

The research team will ask you to fill in a questionnaire when you agree to take part in the study and after you have had your scans and biopsy.

About 6 to 8 weeks later, your doctor will talk to you about the results of the scans and the biopsy.

Hospital visits

To reduce the number of visits to the hospital you have the first ProstateHistoScanning on the same day you agree to take part in this study.

You have another visit for the MRI scan. You have the second ProstateHistoScanning on the same day you have your template biopsy.

After you have had your biopsy the research team will call you to see how you are.

Side effects

We have information about safety of MRI scans on our MRI scan page.

Recruitment start:

Recruitment end:

How to join a clinical trial

Please note: In order to join a trial you will need to discuss it with your doctor, unless otherwise specified.

Please note - unless we state otherwise in the summary, you need to talk to your doctor about joining a trial.

Chief Investigator

Prof Mark Emberton

Supported by

Advanced Medical Diagnostics
Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC)
University College London (UCL)

Questions about cancer? Contact our information nurses

Freephone 0808 800 4040

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Oracle 9295

Please note - unless we state otherwise in the summary, you need to talk to your doctor about joining a trial.

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