Professor Duncan Jodrell

Bringing promising potential new treatments into the clinic

At the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Professor Duncan Jodrell leads a research group – the Pharmacology and Drug Development Group – which focusses on new ways to treat patients with pancreatic cancer. To achieve this, the group is carrying out rigorous pre-clinical tests prior to early phase clinical trials, where promising potential drugs or combinations of these are given to people for the first time.

Professor Jodrell is also the lead for the Cambridge Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, which will hopefully speed up the process of bringing the group’s findings into the clinic. In addition, new discoveries in the clinic often lead to new avenues of research in the lab, potentially highlighting new ways to tackle the disease.

Through all of this important work, Professor Jodrell is helping to change the way that the outlook for people with pancreatic cancer improves in the future.

Pancreatic cancer
Pre-clinical research

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge, Cambridge