Personalised medicine

Personalised medicine is changing the way we look at and respond to cancer.

What is personalised medicine

Personalised medicine classifies tumours according to their genetic make-up instead of where they grow in the body, such as ‘prostate’ or ‘breast’ cancer.

‘’Personalised medicine is the most exciting change in cancer treatment since the invention of chemotherapy’’ 

Professor Peter Johnson, Chief Clinician, Cancer Research UK

Why personalised medicine is important

People with the ‘same’ cancer can have different forms of the disease so responses to treatment can vary.

Cancers growing in different parts of the body may also share the same genetic faults so respond to similar treatments.

Who benefits from personalised medicine

When treatment gets personal everyone will benefit:

  • Patients will receive access to a range of new more effective, targeted treatments.
  • Scientists will be able to develop new drug treatments that target specific genetic faults and design more efficient clinical trials.
  • Doctors will be given access to high-quality genetic tests that enable them to tailor treatment for each patient.
  • The NHS will benefit from time and cost savings so doctors can treat patients more effectively.

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