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Checklist for information production and review

See our checklist for producing patient information pages for the Cancer Research UK website.


We check each page created or reviewed against the following checklist:

  • Content meets a clearly defined user need and key messages are clear
  • The title is under 65 characters
  • Content uses plain English, is easy to read and free from jargon
  • Metadata is applied – keywords in title and H1, summary, meta description (160 characters or less), alt text, transcripts
  • Page length is between 300 to 600 words
  • Content is written in active voice
  • Addresses user – uses 'you' appropriately
  • Maximum of 3 – 4 sentences per paragraph
  • Uses white space appropriately
  • Unnecessary adverbs are avoided
  • Technical terms are explained or linked to the glossary
  • Bullet lists are in the correct format and entity type
  • Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
  • There is no duplication with other content
  • Links are appropriate with clear calls to action
  • Contractions are used appropriately and sensitively
  • Numbers and statistics are presented in accordance with health literacy guidance
  • References are complete and updated
  • The information reflects the weight of available evidence and states any areas of uncertainty
  • Content is written in present tense

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