Information for students

As a research charity, we do not have the resources to individually help the large numbers of students who contact us about their project work. But there is a lot of information on the Cancer Research UK website that you will find helpful. Below are links to a range of information sources available to you.

If you are a student health professional, or a health professional involved in further professional education, you will find a wealth of information related to patient care on our patient information pages. The site search covers all the text on the site, so do use it to look for the right pages.

What is cancer?

We have information about what cancer is and about cells and cancer, including what the differences are between cancer cells and normal cells. And we have information about how cancer starts and spreads. This can be especially useful for school projects. 

Information about specific types of cancer

We have information about most types of cancer. Each section is divided up into sections to help guide people through the information. It is all written in plain English, evidence based and dated. For each cancer type we have information about:

  • what the cancer is and where it starts
  • risks and causes
  • symptoms
  • getting diagnosed – tests, seeing the GP, seeing a specialist
  • stages and types
  • survival
  • treatment
  • living with cancer
  • research and clinical trials

We also have a database of clinical trials in the UK. It covers: 

  • trials that are currently open and recruiting patients in the UK
  • trials that have now closed to recruitment and are in follow up
  • trials that have reported results

We started the trials database in 2000 so it does not cover any trials that closed earlier than that.

General information about cancer

There is a wealth of general information about cancer and treatment in our general cancer information section including:

  • cancer tests
  • treatment – the different types of cancer treatment including explanations of what they are and how you have them
  • signs and symptoms – general information

Causes and prevention

4 in 10 cancers could be prevented, largely through lifestyle changes. We have information about what causes as well as what people can do to lower their risk of developing their risk including information about the evidence.

Information for Health professionals

We have a section for health professionals that includes information about statistics, national guidelines and much more.

Where else to look for information

You can find a wide range of databases and internet resources at Health Information Resources (formerly the National Library for Health or NELH). You can also find high quality cancer information at NHS Evidence - cancer – a comprehensive evidence based resource that supports busy health professionals in keeping up to date. These resources can be accessed by anyone, not just NHS employees.

Our research

We have detailed information about the research we are doing. You can find out about cancer type, subject or location. There is also information about our research history and strategy.

For specific research studies relating to your area of interest, you need to look at the published medical literature.

To do this, you can use a search engine such as PubMed. This is a service of the US National Library of Medicine, with access to over 12 million references from medical and scientific journals. It is usually possible to view an abstract of research articles and some have links to free full text.

Information about Cancer Research UK

You can read more generally about the charity.

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15 May 2020
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15 May 2021