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Liver cancer Key Stats

Liver Stats DoughnutKey messages on incidence, mortality, risk factors (causes) and a summary table of the statistics for liver cancer are given here.

More comprehensive information and statistics for liver cancer is here: incidence, mortality and risk factors.

The latest statistics available for liver cancer are; incidence 2011 and mortality 2012. Source years are specified in the statistics table. Find out why these are the latest statistics available.


How common is liver cancer?

Read more in-depth liver cancer incidence statistics.

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How many people die from liver cancer?

Read more in-depth liver cancer mortality statistics.

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What are the main causes of liver cancer?

  • A person’s risk of developing liver cancer depends on many factors, including age, genetics, and exposure to risk factors (including some potentially avoidable lifestyle factors).
  • An estimated 42% of liver cancer cases in the UK are linked to lifestyle factors including smoking (23%), infections (16%), and alcohol (9%).
  • Oral contraceptives, some types of ionising radiation, and certain occupational exposures cause liver cancer.
  • Fruit may relate to lower liver cancer risk, but evidence is unclear.
  • Overweight and obesity, and certain medical conditions, may relate to higher liver cancer risk.

Read more in-depth liver cancer risk factors.

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Liver cancer statistics table

LIVER CANCER STATISTICS Males Females Persons Country Year3
Number of new cases per year 2,776 1,572 4,348 UK 2011
Incidence rate per 100,000 population1 7.1 3.1 5
Number of deaths per year 2,675 1,839 4,514 UK 2012
Mortality rate per 100,000 population1 6.5 3.4 4.9

1. European age-standardised    2. Adults diagnosed    3. Latest statistics available

More detailed liver cancer statistics can be found using these links: incidence, mortality and risk factors

section reviewed 04/12/14
section updated 04/12/14

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Updated: 4 December 2014