Funding committees

We have an excellent peer review process that supports our strategic priorities while remaining responsive to new opportunities.

Our Scientific Executive Board oversees all committees and ensures that they adhere to our thorough code of practice (PDF, 96KB), Terms of Reference (PDF, 387KB) and Conflicts of Interest Policy (PDF, 290KB).

Remits of the committees

  • Clinical Careers Committee supports early-career clinical academic researchers. We fund fellowships and bursaries supporting clinicians and health professionals working in basic and translational cancer research.

  • Clinical Research Committee oversees funding and endorsement of late-phase investigator-led clinical trials, and other research supporting or enabling clinical trials.

  • Drug Discovery Committee advises on and implements our strategy in the area of drug discovery, funding biotherapeutic and small molecule drug discovery and our drug discovery infrastructure.

  • Early Diagnosis Advisory Group supports short term project grants for the earlier diagnosis of cancer that have the potential to immediately impact on policy and practice for patient benefit.

  • Grand Challenge Advisory Panel sets the challenges and reviews applications for our Grand Challenge Awards.

  • International Tobacco Advisory Group considers project grants and advocacy proposals focussing on priority areas in International Tobacco Control and implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

  • New Agents Committee proposals for the preclinical development and early-phase clinical trials of new anti-cancer treatments and diagnostics.

  • New Investigator Committee supports early-career cancer researchers as they develop their independent research groups.

  • Pioneer Awards Committee reviews applications to our Pioneer Award, which supports higher risk, truly novel ideas that have the potential for high reward.

  • Population Research Committee supports clinical and public health epidemiology and educational and behavioural research on cancer prevention, screening and early diagnosis.

  • Science Committee supports our discovery and translational cancer research activity through science programme awards, and builds expertise in cancer immunology and multidisciplinary research.

  • Tobacco Advisory Group reviews applications for policy research and policy advocacy activities in tobacco control.​

Scientific Executive Board

Our funding committees are overseen by the Scientific Executive Board, who are responsible for developing and implementing our scientific strategy.

In exceptional circumstances, the board also consider approaches for funding that do not easily fall within the scope of our funding committees and schemes. This may be due to a number of factors, such as the cost of research exceeds the funding available to a committee, the scope of research spans the remit of multiple committees, an initiative involves a consortia-based approach, or there is a need to recruit international leadership in a key research area.

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