Our research partnerships

Our partnership approach

Our primary aim is to build partnerships in research areas of high strategic priority. However, whether your organisation’s interests lie in a particular cancer type, field of study or stage in the research pipeline, we are always open to new opportunities to work together.

What we can offer research partners

A strategic partnership with us not only offers access to the strengths of our research portfolio but also to our extensive network of people and infrastructure across the UK.

We’re independent from the government and free from the constraints of being a commercial organisation. This puts us in a unique position to bring different partners together and encourage multidisciplinary approaches.

Current research partnerships

We have partnership activity at every stage of the research pipeline and partner with organisations from the public, private and not for profit sectors.

Find out more about some of our current research partnerships:

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Achieving more through working in partnership

Working in partnership

In Pioneering Research, our annual research publication, we look at how we create mutually beneficial partnerships that support our own research objectives and those of our partners.

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