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The press office offers a service to journalists who are looking for information about cancer, research and fundraising initiatives.

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020 3469 8300

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07050 264 059

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020 7242 0200

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Our Press team

We publicise the charity's world class scientific and medical research along with the cancer prevention campaigns carried out by Cancer Research UK.

The team also provides comment on clinical and prevention research from around the world as well as other cancer developments in the wider scientific community.

We also act as the press office for the British Journal of Cancer (BJC), the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) and Cancer Research Technology (CRT).

If you are a journalist, call us on 020 3469 8300 or out of hours on 07050 264 059. If you have a non-urgent enquiry, please contact

Our PR team

We provide the national media with information on all of the charity’s fundraising activities (such as Race for Life and Stand Up To Cancer), including case studies and celebrity spokespeople, corporate partnerships and products.

The PR team also provides facts and figures about the charity’s finances and non-scientific policies, such as HR practices or sector-wide issues such as Gift Aid.

If you are a journalist, call us on 020 3469 8315 or out of hours on 07050 264 059.

Our Regional Press team

We are responsible for securing regional coverage of our science, health awareness, and fundraising activities, ensuring that Cancer Research UK speaks with a local voice.

If you need information or help with regional fundraising or to find out how to support the charity, please call 0300 123 1861.

Contact your regional press team on:


Linda Summerhayes

0131 243 2644/ 07824 600540

Lisa Adams

07713 687200

Northern Ireland

Jean Walsh
028 91472031 / 07887 678451

Yorkshire & North East

Nicki Embleton
0845 600 4016 / 07775 916502

Lisa Millett
0845 600 4017 / 07900 137935

North West & Cumbria

Jane Bullock
01204 880174 / 07810 505535

Ali Barbuti 
0161 747 5202 / 07467 337109

Midlands & Anglia

Paula Young (Mon-Thurs)
01543 449198 / 07786 510438

Jane Redman (Tues-Fri)
01543 252163 / 07918 650670


Danielle Glavin
07467 337112

Wales & South West

Karen Davis (Mon - Thurs)
07786 704571

Alison Birkett (Tues - Fri)
07918 653002

London & South East

Emily Attwood
020 3469 6700 / 07467 337102

Lynn Daly
07766 070705

Central South

Helen Johnstone
01865 332 768 / 07768987925

News & multimedia team

Our news & multimedia team – which is separate from our press office – manages the Cancer Research UK newsfeed and blog. These articles cover new developments in cancer research, health and policy, and cast a critical eye over coverage in the wider media. Our news reports are often produced in collaboration with the Press Association or other third party agencies – Cancer Research UK has full and active editorial control of this process, but the comments and opinions contained therein do not reflect those of Cancer Research UK unless explicitly stated. If you have an query about any of these articles, you can contact the editorial team on Please note this address does not reach the Press Office, see above for their contact details.

Cancer statistics

Cancer Research UK provides cancer incidence, mortality and survival statistics and information on cancer causes and treatment.

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