Notify us of new publications

If you are one of our researchers we ask that you to let us know when you submit a new publication so that our Press team know about the work we’re funding.


  • If you’re salary is paid by us we are interested in everything you publish, even if it’s largely funded by other sources.
  • Ideally the authors of paper should complete the form, but an assistant can do this on your behalf.
  • Let us know about your paper before it is published
  • The information you provide is confidential, only a small group of people will see it before it is published.
  • Try to include your grant reference number, but this field can be left blank if you don’t have it.
  • If your work is relevant to the Drug Development Office and/or Cancer Research Technology, you must discuss this with them before publication.

Questions and technical difficulties

Email the Research Publications team on

Notification form

Fill in our online form to let us know when you have submitted a paper to be published.

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