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Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Committee

Phase III Clinical Trials Grants

Mr Christopher Halloran, University of Liverpool

Project title: PANasta - Cattell Warren versus Blumgart techniques of pancreatico-jejunostomy following pancreato-duodenectomy – a double blinded multi-centred trial

Mr John Tidy, University College London

Project title: SHAPE: A randomised phase III trial comparing radical hysterectomy and pelvic node dissection vs simple hysterectomy and pelvic node dissection in patients with low-risk early-stage cervical cancer

Sample Collection Grants

Dr Richard Bryan, Dr Alison Birtle, Dr Jane Steele and Dr James Catto University of Birmingham

Project title: The collection of biospecimens from patients eligible for the "POUT" clinical trial in upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma

Endorsement Late Phase Study

Professor Anthony Chalmers, University of Glasgow

Project title: PARADIGM: Olaparib and radiotherapy in newly-diagnosed glioblastoma.

Professor Gordon Jayson and Professor Gordon Rustin, University of Manchester

Project title: PAZOFOS: A dose escalation phase 1b running into a randomised Phase II Trial of fosbretabulin (a vascular disrupting agent) combined with pazopanib (an anti-angiogenic agent) in the treatment of patients with relapsed ovarian cancer.

Dr Paul Nathan, University of Liverpool

Project title: SELPAC: A Randomised 3-arm Phase II study of continuous Selumetinib versus continuous or interrupted Selumetinib in combination with weekly Paclitaxol in advanced uveal melanoma.


New Agents Committee

NAC Preclinical Grants

Dr Stephen Beers University of Southampton

Project title: Combining TLR agonists with LOB7/4 anti-CD40 mAb (ChiLob) in neuroblastoma and lymphoma.

Professor Duncan Jodrell University of Cambridge

Project title: Preclinical combination studies with AZD2014 (mTORi) and Olaparib.

Professor Tim Maughan University of Oxford

Project title: RHYTHM-2: modulation of Radiotherapy according to HYpoxia: exploiting changes in the Tumour Microenvironment to improve outcome in rectal cancer using PF-05212384.

Dr Anderson Ryan University of Oxford

Project title: Combined ATR (AZD6738) and PARP inhibition (olaparib) as therapeutic strategy for TP53 mutated non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Professor Gillian Tozer University of Sheffield

Project title: Antibody-based VEGF receptor 2 inhibition (DC101) in combination with radiotherapy: influence of VEGF isoforms and related microenvironmental factors.

NAC Trial Grants

Professor Jeffry Evans University of Glasgow

Project title: CRUKD/14/008 PIONEER A Phase I trial of olaparib in combination with chemo-radiation in locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

Dr Martin Forster University College London

Project title: CRUKD/14/011 ORCA2: A phase I trial of olaparib in addition to cisplatin-based concurrent chemoradiotherapy for patients with high risk locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (HNSCC).

Professor Kevin Harrington Institute of Cancer Research

Project title: CRUKD/14/007 The PATRIOT study: A Phase I trial of the ATR inhibitor AZD6738 alone and in combination with palliative radiotherapy.

Professor David Walker University of Nottingham

Project title: CRUKD/14/002 INTREPID: A Phase I trial of continuous intrathecal/intraventricular infusion of Etoposide, investigating dose escalation and duration of infusion in children and adolescents with leptomeningeal metastases of solid tumours (jointly funded by The Brain Tumour Charity).

Dr Timothy Yap Institute of Cancer Research

Project title: CRUKD/14/004 ComPAKT: A Phase I multi-centre trial of the combination of AZD5363 (AKT inhibitor) and olaparib (PARP inhibitor) in patients with advanced solid tumours.

NAC Trial Endorsements

Dr Udai Banerji Institute of Cancer Research

Project title: CRUKDE/14/009 CombAT HER2: A Phase I trial of the combination of AUY922 (HSP90 inhibitor) and lapatinib in patients with HER-2 amplified metastatic breast cancer.

Dr Peter Schmid Barts Cancer Institute & Professor Gary Middleton University of Birmingham

Project title: CRUKDE/14/010 TORCMEK A Phase Ib/IIa trial of AZD2014 in combination with selumetinib in patients with advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer.


Population Research Committee

Programme Grants

Professor Doug Altman, University of Oxford

Project title: Medical Statistics Group.

Professor Wendy Atkin, Imperial College London

Project title: Screening, prevention and diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Professor Dame Valerie Beral, University of Oxford

Project title: Cancer Epidemiology Unit

Professor Jack Cuzick Queen Mary, University of London

Project title: Cancer Prevention

Professor Sir Richard Peto and Professor Sir Rory Collins, University of Oxford

Project title: Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit

Professor Peter Sasieni Queen Mary, University of London

Project title: Cancer Screening and Statistics

Professor Peter Sasieni Queen Mary, University of London

Project title: Cancer Prevention Trials Unit (CPTU)


Science Committee

Programme Grants

Professor Andrew Biankin, University of Glasgow

Project title: Advancing genotype guided stratified therapy for pancreatic cancer

Professor Keith Caldecott, University of Sussex

Project title: Non-homologous end-joining protein complexes and genome stability

Professor Tim Elliott and Dr Edward James University of Southampton

Project title: Peptide selection in the MHC I antigen processing pathway and its relevance to cancer

Dr Phil Jones, University of Cambridge

Project title: Clonal evolution in oesophageal squamous preneoplasia

Professor Tony Kouzarides, University of Cambridge

Project title: Function of chromatin modifications and their role in cancer

Professsor Kenneth Young, The Royal Surrey County Hospital

Project title: OPTIMAM2: Optimisation of breast cancer detection using digital X-ray technology

Biomarker Project Grants

Dr Emma King and Professor Gareth Thomas, University of Southampton

Project title: Immune response evaluation as a prognostic tool in HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer

Professor Kathy Pritchard-Jones, Institute of Child Health and University College London

Project title: A biomarker approach to improving population outcomes for renal tumours of childhood

Drug Discovery Project Grants

Professor John Atack, University of Sussex

Project title: Identification of phosphatase specific inhibitors of the DNA damage repair enzyme polynucleotide kinase 3´ phosphatase (PNKP) via a dual fragment and virtual screening approach

Professor Peter Fischer, University of Nottingham

Project title: Development of selective CDK9-cyclin T1 pharmacological inhibitors for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Dr Robert Gilbert, University of Oxford

Project title: Identifying small-molecule inhibitors of cancer-related cytoplasmic uridylyltransferase activities controlling tumour-suppressor miRNA biogenesis

Dr Martin Pule, University College London

Project title: Exploration of CD160 targeting


Tobacco Advisory Group

Project Grants

Ms Deborah Arnott, Action on Smoking and Health

Project title: Planning for the Endgame: Sustaining the momentum of tobacco control in a new era: reflecting on progress since the publication of Beyond Smoking Kills and defining a new national tobacco control agenda for 2015-2020

Mrs Florence Berteletti-Kemp, Smoke Free Partnership

Project title: Smoke Free Partnership 2014-16

Dr Marisa de Andrade, University of Stirling

Project title: Marketing of e-cigarettes

Miss Elen de Lacy, Action on Smoking and Health (Wales)

Project title: ASH Wales: Tackling the illicit tobacco market in Wales

Dr Elena Ratschen, University of Nottingham

Project title: Treating smoking in mental health inpatient settings – exploring options to implement new NICE guidance

Ms Emily Robinson, Alcohol Concern

Project title: Health First Advocacy Project


Training and Career Development Board

Research Travel Awards

Dr Maya Ghoussaini, University of Cambridge, travelling to Queensland - Australia

Project title: Functional characterisation of the candidate causal variants at the 9p21 breast cancer susceptibility locus

Dr Nadia Hegarat, University of Sussex, travelling to Munich - Germany

Project title: Characterization of chromatin-binding properties of kinesins using Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

Dr Helen Matthews, University College London, travelling to Paris - France

Project title: Environmental control of cancer cell division

Dr Danielle Park, Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, travelling to Barcelona - Spain

Project title: Understanding the biophysical forces modulating strand-like invasion in invasive lobular carcinoma

Dr Samantha Warren, University of Oxford, travelling to Switzerland

Project title: Optimising x-ray and proton radiotherapy treatment plans for thoracic or abdominal tumours: trade-offs in plan quality and plan robustness and possibilities for dose escalation and normal tissue sparing

Conference and Meetings Awards

Dr Ester Hammond, Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology

Association for Radiation Research Meeting - at the University of Sussex

Professor Herbie Newell, University of Newcastle

Imaging in Stratified Cancer Treatment – methodology, preclinical discovery and clinical trials - at the University of Newcastle

Professor Len Seymour, University of Oxford

8th International Conference on Oncolytic Virus Therapeutics - at the University of Oxford

Professor Jane Wardle, University College London

9th UKSBM Annual Scientific Meeting - Behavioural Medicine: From Laboratory to Policy - at the University of Oxford

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