Scientific Executive Board

The role of the Scientific Executive Board (SEB) is to develop and implement the organisation's scientific strategy.

SEB meets once every two months and is chaired by our Chief Scientist, Professor Nic Jones.

Our Chief Executive, Harpal Kumar, and Chief Clinician, Professor Peter Johnson are also members along with our Executive Directors.

Scientific experts are also invited in to help inform discussion on particular topics.

Members of the board are as follows

  • Dr Keith Blundy, Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Research Technology
  • Dr Iain Foulkes, Executive Director, Strategy and Research Funding
  • Professor Peter Johnson, Chief Clinician Professor
  • Professor Nic Jones, Chief Scientist
  • Dr Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive
  • Ian Kenyon, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director, Corporate Resources

In addition, a wider group (the Scientific Advisory Board, SAB) meets three times a year. This group comprises the SEB members, as well as a number of UK and international scientific advisors:

  • Professor Chris Marshall (Institute of Cancer Research) 
  • Professor Jack Cuzick (Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine)
  • Dr Stephen Fawell (AstraZeneca)
  • Professor Patrick Johnston (Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Professor Mike Stratton (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute)
  • Dr Richard Treisman (London Research Institute)
  • Professor David Tuveson (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, US)

Engaging with our scientists in this way helps to ensure that our strategic decisions are well informed, and we will continue to build on these relationships in the future. The Secretary to the SEB and SAB is Daniel Burkwood, Implementation Manager (Strategy Research & Funding).

The SEB interacts closely with the Research Strategy Committee (RSC).

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