Cancer news

Cancer’s growth driven by minority of cells within a tumour

US cancer researchers have unearthed further evidence that a tumour’s growth can be fuelled by just a small minority of its cells.

Boys 'should receive HPV jab too', say researchers

Boys should be vaccinated against a virus as well as girls to protect them from some types of cancer.

Parents don't protect themselves from skin cancer because they're prioritising their children's skin

School’s out for summer and with the increased popularity of the ‘staycation’ parents will be looking forward to spending time outdoors with their children...

ASA rules Japan Tobacco International must not use advert again in its current form

Japan Tobacco International has been rapped over the knuckles for the fourth time by the ASA for their misleading advertising.

Manchester scientists pinpoint bladder cancer patients who could benefit from ‘tumour-softening’ treatment

A protein could help select which bladder cancer patients would benefit from a treatment that makes radiotherapy more effective.