Cancer news

Scientists learn more about rare skin cancer that killed Bob Marley

Acral melanomas, the type of skin cancer that caused Bob Marley’s death, are genetically distinct from other types of skin cancer

Death rates in top four cancer killers fall by a third over 20 years

Death rates for breast, bowel, lung and prostate cancer combined have fallen by almost a third in the last 20 years according to the latest figures.

Screening trial confirms benefit of ‘Bowel Scope’ test

A trial of cancer screening using flexible sigmoidoscopy  has confirmed the benefits of adding the technique to existing screening programmes

Prostate drug decision highlights urgent need for reform

Just a week after the controversy over breast cancer drug Kadcyla, the inflexibilities within the UK’s disparate drug approval systems have been pulled...

EU policy language shift ‘follows tobacco industry lobbying’

UK researchers have tracked how tobacco industry language has permeated throughout recent EU tobacco control legislation.