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‘Surprising’ imbalance in cell growth could help oesophageal cancers form

Oesophageal cancers could stem from more than just cells growing out of control, according to research from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

Scientists discover drug combination slows lung cancer cell growth

Scientists have shown that a drug combination slows cancer cell growth in a type of non small cell lung cancer when tested in the lab, offering potential for developing...

Watch our Google Hangout about testing new treatments in patients (Part 2 of 2)

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Google Hangouts

Much of the progress in cancer survival over the past few decades can be credited to life-saving and life-extending...

News digest – ‘Inexcusable’ Government obesity plan, tiny robots, precision medicine and… mummies?

It’s a year late, but the Government’s children’s obesity plan arrived to limited fanfare.

3 reasons why the Government’s children’s obesity plan will fail children

Today, many young people are receiving their A-Level results.

But today also marks the long-awaited publication of the Government’s plan of action to reduce the...

All women with ovarian cancer should be offered genetic testing – so why aren’t they?

Every year in the UK more than 7,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

But some of these women have a much higher risk of developing the disease than the...

Cancer survivors’ sex lives as good as others their age

Cancer survivors have just as much sex and can function as well as others their age, according to a Cancer Research UK funded study published in the journal Cancer today...

Cancer Research UK launches new trial to test drug against resistant bladder cancer

A clinical trial to test a drug which may stop bladder cancers becoming resistant to chemotherapy is being launched by Cancer Research UK's Centre for Drug Development and...

News digest – apricot kernels, CRISPR, waiting time target missed (again) and… is tap water bad?

STAT News published an interesting article describing the key challenges that need to be overcome if precision medicine – providing cancer patients with the right treatment...

Cancer Research UK reaches landmark fundraising target of £100 million to help complete the Francis Crick Institute

Cancer Research UK announced today, Thursday 4 August , that it has raised a monumental £100 million towards the overall £650 million cost to build the Francis Crick...