Cancer news

Tumour DNA in blood could help monitor prostate cancer development

Analysing DNA from regular blood samples could show when a man’s prostate cancer is becoming resistant to treatment.

Experimental brain tumour therapy considered for NHS fast track

A new brain cancer therapy has become the first in the UK to be deemed 'promising' as part of a scheme to speed up access to experimental treatments.

Trial suggests chest radiotherapy can benefit certain lung cancer patients

An international clinical trial has added more evidence to the idea that chest radiotherapy can benefit people with an aggressive form of lung cancer.

Researchers discover new genetic risk predictors for prostate cancer

Newly discovered genetic markers could be used to identify men with a higher risk of prostate cancer.

Marker found in one in six people could give higher risk of lung and other cancers

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered why a gene fault found in around one in six people gives a higher risk of 26 cancer types.