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'Targeted' ovarian cancer drug could also help certain men with prostate cancer

Certain men with advanced prostate cancer may benefit from a drug originally developed to treat breast and ovarian cancers

Immunotherapy drug combination shows promise for advanced melanoma patients

Two immunotherapy drugs could be better than one - at least for a subset of patients with advanced melanoma.

Daily users of ‘tank’-style e-cigarettes ‘more likely to quit tobacco’

Smokers who use e-cigarettes seemed to be most likely to have stopped smoking if they regularly use the newer generation ‘tank’-style devices.

An important message for cancer patients: Beware the ‘cannabis oil’ scammers

We have become aware that scammers are tricking cancer patients and their families into handing over money for ‘cannabis oil’, yet receiving nothing in...

News digest – cancer’s family tree, a melanoma ‘safe haven’, misleading reports about a blood test and more

Our scientists are penning the first pages of the evolutionary rule book of cancer, in fascinating new research published this week. Here’s our press...