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Cancer Research UK announces appointment of new Chairman

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz,Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, has been named as Cancer Research UK's new Chairman from 1 November 2016

Reducing the harm of tobacco, could e-cigarettes be part of the solution?

We look at a new report that outlines the potential for e-cigarettes to reduce the harm caused by tobacco.

Is this a real lab… or is this just fantasy? How 360 video is helping us talk about research

Find out how we're using 360 video and virtual reality to help tell the story of our research.

30 years since Chernobyl and 5 years since Fukushima – What have we learnt?

30 years after Chernobyl and five years after Fukushima, we’re taking a look at what has been learnt about radiation-linked cancers.

Everything you really need to know about DNA sequencing

We explore how we got to where we are today with DNA sequencing and the science behind it.