Cancer news

Cars carrying children to become smoke-free

New legislation has been announced that will make it illegal to smoke in a vehicle that is carrying a child.

E-cigarettes 'help smokers cut down and quit', analysis suggests

A combined analysis of studies into e-cigarettes shows they can be useful in helping people to quit or cut down on smoking

Combining images and genetic data proves gene loss behind aggressive ovarian cancers

Scientists have shown that loss of a gene called PTEN  triggers some cases of an aggressive form of ovarian cancer.

People with low numeracy feel negative about taking part in bowel cancer screening

People who have problems with numbers may be more likely to feel negative about bowel cancer screening.

News digest – breast cancer conference, political announcements, heavy metal ‘blood test’ and more

There’s a big breast cancer conference happening in the US – the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium – and several stories this week stem from announcements...