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News digest – Nobel Prizes, elephants, a vanishing boy and wonder diets… Oh my!

We thought it was going to be just another week of cancer news but we were wrong.

One in three young Chinese men could die from smoking if trends continue

Around a third of all young men in China will eventually be killed by smoking-related diseases unless there is widespread quitting.

‘Will you be finding a cure for my child?’ – Watch our Google Hangout on tackling cancer in kids and teens

Following the success of our last Google Hangout, in partnership with Science on Google+, we’re thrilled to be able to bring you another fascinating...

Bowel cancer death rate falling faster in the UK than in most other EU countries

The UK’s bowel cancer mortality rate is falling faster than most other European countries, according to a new study.

4 ways that Tomas Lindahl’s Nobel Prize for Chemistry revolutionised cancer research

We had some great news today as one of our fantastic scientists, Tomas Lindahl, was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize for Chemistry along with Paul Modrich and...