Cancer news

Piggy-backing cells hold clue to skin cancer growth

Skin cancer cells work together to spread further and faster, according to a new study published in Cell Reports.

Stomach cancers separated into four distinct types

US researchers have shown that stomach cancer is at least four separate diseases.

“I couldn’t believe how much things had moved on” – Nicola’s story

“I went into a bit of a practical mode: this is what we need to do, everything will be fine. They sent me for further tests to see how far the cancer had...

No increased risk of cancer near Sellafield or Dounreay in recent years

Children, teenagers and young adults living near Sellafield or Dounreay since the 1990s are not at an increased risk of developing cancer.

News digest – Australian smoking rates, bowel cancer genes and more

To kick off, there’s been fantastic news from Down Under this week: thanks to the country’s continued efforts against tobacco – including introducing...