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News digest – Obesity, ‘Holy Grail’ breast cancer prevention, contagious cancer and… broccoli?

In the week that Britain voted to leave the EU there were also some important cancer stories.

High-tech scans spare lymphoma patients intensive chemo

Hodgkin lymphoma patients can be spared the serious side effects of chemotherapy  thanks to high-tech scans that can predict the outcome of treatment, according to a study...

Lab study ‘sheds new light’ on BRCA-linked breast cancer

An osteoporosis drug has been found to target a set of molecular signals that could help prevent breast cancers in women at risk of the disease, according to Australian ...

Watch our Google Hangout about drug discovery and making new medicines (Part 1 of 2)

This entry is part of 4 in the series Google Hangouts

Much of the progress in cancer survival over the past few decades can be credited to life-saving and life-extending...

Prostate cancer trial results should mean fewer hospital trips to have radiotherapy

Radiotherapy has long been a cornerstone of cancer treatment. And it’s particularly important in treating prostate cancer – a disease that affects a huge number of men (...

Being obese or overweight could cause 7.6 million cases of disease by 2035

More than 7.6 million new cases of disease linked to being overweight or obese could be diagnosed in the UK during the next 20 years*, according to the Obesity Health...

News digest – Coffee, combination immunotherapy, CRISPR and… porridge?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that there’s no strong evidence that coffee increases the risk of cancer (despite saying it ‘possibly’ did...

Combination immunotherapy treatment for melanoma given NHS approval

Melanoma patients in England and Wales are to become the first in Europe to benefit from a powerful combination of immunotherapy drugs.

Less educated women less likely to spot breast cancer symptoms

Women with fewer qualifications are less likely to recognise potential breast cancer symptoms, according to a Cancer Research UK-funded study in Psycho-Oncology*.

Action needed as Wales cancer services struggle

An ambitious new plan for cancer services in Wales is urgently needed to cope with growing numbers of people being diagnosed with the disease, Cancer Research UK has...