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Newly funded research – understanding cancer at the population level

Thanks to your support, we fund research into many different aspects of cancer.

To decide what to fund, we assemble panels of experts in different...

News digest – another not-so-simple ‘blood test’, 3D virtual tumour, reprogrammed cells and… purple potatoes?

UK scientists provided further evidence that looking for tumour cell DNA in the bloodstream could help monitor women with breast cancer. But that doesn’t...

How we’re building a community to beat oesophageal cancer

“I am the face behind your pipettes.”

These were the words that filled a room of world-leading scientists as Jackie Beaumont, an oesophageal cancer...

Chemo drug works by tricking cells into thinking they're infected

A type of chemotherapy drug appears to work by tricking cells into thinking they're infected with viruses.

Half of people unaware of advanced life-saving radiotherapy

Half of people in Great Britain do not know about any of the advanced types of life-saving radiotherapy treatments now available.