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Jog one mile a day or complete the 31 miles in a way that suits you for cutting-edge research.

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Fundraising Ideas

You've signed up and decided to jog 31 miles to help raise funds to give more people more time with the people they love. Now's the time to shout about your challenge and get those all-important donations rolling in. Get inspired, follow our fundraising ideas and smash your donation target in no time.​

​Promote yourself online 

You’re doing something incredible this May so let everyone know about it! Share your Online Giving Page across social media with your exclusive challenge badges.​ Don't forget to keep your supporters updated throughout the challenge with your progress.

Personalise your page​

Let your friends and family know why you’re taking on this challenge and post pictures and images on your Online Giving Page to inspire donations.​

Create your jogging team​

There’s no better motivation to clock-up those miles than doing it with others. Encourage your friends and family to sign up and make the challenge a real team effort. ​

Fundraising Materials

Download these materials to help you boost your fundraising and tell the world you’re completing the Jog 31 Miles Challenge this May for the Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK.

Milestone Badges

Milestones are significant to raising funds for our research. Make sure you share all your fundraising efforts with your family and friends.

£25 raised shield
£25 Badge

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£50 raised shield
£50 Badge

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£100 raised shield
£100 Badge

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£200 raised shield
£200 Badge

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£300 raised shield
£300 Badge

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£400 raised shield
£400 Badge

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£500 raised shield
£500 Badge

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