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Living with mouth and oropharyngeal cancer

Get support and advice on how to cope with a diagnosis of mouth or oropharyngeal cancer.


There is help available to help you cope. Don't be afraid to ask.


Your cancer and its treatment can affect your eating and drinking. Get some advice on what can help.

Changes in your appearance

Changes in your appearance can be difficult to cope with, but talking to others might help.

Changes in your speech

Get information on speech changes caused by mouth and oropharyngeal cancer or treatment.

Having a breathing stoma

Find out what a breathing stoma is and why you might have one after some treatments for mouth and oropharyngeal cancer.

Your sex life

How mouth and oropharyngeal cancer might affect your sex life and what can help.

Support at home for you and your family

You might need some care and support at home due to cancer or its treatment. A lot of practical and emotional support is available to you. 

Resources and books

There are lots of organisations, support groups, books, videos and other resources to help you cope with mouth and oropharyngeal cancer and treatment.

Last reviewed: 
11 May 2018
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