Tests for liver cancer

You might have one or more of these tests to look for signs of liver cancer. If you are diagnosed with liver cancer, you might have some of these tests to find out how big it is and whether it has spread.

Blood tests for liver cancer

Read about the blood tests you might have to help find out the cause of your symptoms.

Ultrasound scan for liver cancer

Ultrasound scans use high frequency sound waves to create a picture of a part of the body. It can show up changes in the liver.

CT scan for liver cancer

A CT scan uses x-rays to take detailed pictures of your body. It can show up abnormal areas in your liver. 

MRI scan for liver cancer

An MRI scan creates pictures using magnetism and radio waves. 

Biopsy for liver cancer

This means removing a sample of liver tissue and looking at it under the microscope. Not everyone needs a biopsy for liver cancer. 


Laparoscopy is a small operation to look inside your tummy (abdomen). Your surgeon looks for signs of cancer spread.

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28 Sep 2021
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28 Sep 2024
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