What is liver cancer?

Find out about the liver, what primary liver cancer is and how common it is in the UK.

Symptoms of liver cancer

Symptoms can include weight loss, jaundice, feeling sick, and a swollen or painful tummy (abdomen). 

Diagnosing liver cancer

You usually start by seeing your GP. They might refer you for tests or to a specialist if you have symptoms that could be caused by liver cancer.

Types of liver cancer

There are different types of cancer that start in the liver. The most common type is hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). 

Stages of liver cancer

The stage of cancer tells you its size and whether it has spread. It helps doctors decide what treatment to give. Find out about the stages of liver cancer.


Treatments include surgery, chemoembolisation (TACE), radiofrequency ablation (RFA), and targeted cancer drugs. 

Research and clinical trials

Find out about clinical trials in the UK for liver cancer and how you can take part.

Living with liver cancer

Get support to help cope with your diagnosis of liver cancer and its treatment.

Risks and causes of liver cancer

Liver cancer is uncommon in the UK. Find out about factors that can increase your risk of developing it.

Survival for primary liver cancer

Find out about survival for primary liver cancer. Survival depends on many factors, so you can only use these figures as a guide.

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27 Sep 2021
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27 Sep 2024