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Tests to diagnose

You might have one or more of these tests to check for signs of laryngeal cancer.


In this test you have the back of your mouth and throat examined with a narrow, flexible tube. See what to expect in a nasendoscopy.


You might have an endoscopy if your doctor couldn't see your larynx clearly using a nasendoscope, or if they saw an abnormal area. See what it is and how you have it.

Video of your throat and larynx

Your doctor might use an endoscope to make a video of your throat and larynx. See how and why you might have this test.

Video of your vocal cords

In this test, your doctor makes a video of your vocal cords while you are speaking. Find out how this is done.

Testing your lymph nodes

To find out if there are any cancer cells in your lymph nodes in your neck you might have a test called a fine needle aspiration or a needle biopsy. Find out more. 

Last reviewed: 
20 Jun 2018
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