What is laryngeal cancer?

Laryngeal cancer is cancer that starts in the voice box (larynx). It is a rare type of head and neck cancer. 


Survival depends on the stage of your laryngeal cancer. Read more about your outlook (prognosis). 

Symptoms of laryngeal cancer

Symptoms can include a hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing, weight loss and shortness of breath.  

Risks and causes of laryngeal cancer

Factors that increase the risk of laryngeal cancer include smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol.

Stages, types and grades of laryngeal cancer

Staging means how big the cancer is and whether it has spread. Grading means how abnormal the cancer cells look under a microscope. 

Getting diagnosed with laryngeal cancer

You usually start by seeing your GP. They will examine you and might refer you for tests or to a specialist.

Treatment for laryngeal cancer

You might have surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or a combination of treatments to treat laryngeal cancer.

Living with laryngeal cancer

Lots of advice and support are available to help you cope with living with laryngeal cancer.

Research and clinical trials

Read about the latest research into laryngeal cancer and see how you can take part in a clinical trial.

Last reviewed: 
23 Sep 2021
Next review due: 
23 Sep 2024
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