Wilms tumour (nephroblastoma)

Wilms tumour is a type of kidney cancer that most commonly affects young children. Find out about how it is diagnosed and treated, and resources and organisations that can help you to cope.

What is Wilms tumour?

Wilms tumour is a type of kidney cancer. Around 80 children are diagnosed with a Wilms' tumour each year in the UK. Find out about the causes, types and symptoms of a Wilms tumour.

Diagnosing Wilms tumour

Your guide to the tests your child might have if their doctor thinks they might have a Wilms tumour.

Staging, risk groups and treatment plans for Wilms tumour

Get information about staging Wilms tumours and treatment by stage.

Treating Wilms tumour

Chemotherapy and surgery are the main treatments for Wilms tumour. 

Coping with Wilms tumour

Get information on organisations and resources that can help you and your family cope with a child's diagnosis of Wilms tumour.

Last reviewed: 
28 Dec 2023
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28 Dec 2026