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Training and Career Development Board

The Training and Career Development Board will develop, review, fund and manage the portfolio and budget of Cancer Research UK's Fellowship and Bursary Awards. It will also play a guiding role in the training of postdoctoral scientists.

To achieve this, the Training and Career Development Board will work with the Scientific Executive Board and the other funding committees to ensure co-ordination of activities and appropriate input to the development of strategies and policy.

Membership of the Training and Career Development Board

Professor Peter Johnson - Chair
Cancer Research UK Chief Clinician 

Professor Nic Jones
Cancer Research UK Chief Scientist

Professor Margaret Frame
University of Edinburgh

Professor Tony Green
University of Cambridge

Professor Adrian Hayday
King's College London

Professor Jane Wardle
University College London

Dr Sally Leevers
London Research Institute

Dr Michelle Garrett
Institute of Cancer Research

See below for a list of current schemes reviewed and administered by the Training and Career Development Board.

Other details

See below for information on how to contact this Committee's secretariat and available funding schemes.

Schemes reviewed by this committee:
Committee secretariat:
Tel: 44 (0) 20 3469 5332
Updated: 30 April 2010