Clinical Research Committee

The Clinical Research Committee oversees funding and endorsement of investigator-led clinical trials, and other research supporting or enabling clinical trials.

The priorities of the CRC are set out in our statement of intent and build on those established in the CRUK Research Strategy.

The CRC is a successor to the former Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Committee (CTAAC) and the Feasibility Study Committee (FSC).

Research areas

CRC maintains a broad portfolio that maximises patient impact. We support a balance of research across the range of modalities and disease sites, conducted in early, pre-invasive, localised disease and metastatic settings.

Our investment priorities include:

  • Cancers of unmet need (lung, oesophageal, pancreatic and brain cancers)
  • Promising, high impact and innovative trials that would not otherwise progress
  • Scientifically-driven studies that use and analyse biomarkers and imaging, producing valuable biological and clinical information that will optimise treatments
  • Hypothesis-driven, data-rich sample collections that support the validation and qualification of valuable biological information
  • Innovative, cost-effective trial designs that can be supported by strategic long-term investments in trial platforms

Funding schemes

In line with our statement of intent, we have also reviewed and updated the remits of the funding schemes that sit with CRC. We have moved from cost caps to guide costs, and we have added a new experimental medicine scheme to support more biologically rich clinical research. You can find full details in our FAQs and as always, contact the team if you want to discuss the fit of your proposal within these schemes.

CRC reviews, funds and endorses:

How proposals are judged

Applications are assessed based on their scientific merit and strategic importance, taking into consideration comments collected from expert peer reviewers. The Committee meets twice a year.

Chair of the Clinical Research Committee

Chair Professor Tim Maughan

Vice Chairs of the Clinical Research Committee

Professor Caroline Dive

Dr James Larkin

Members of the Clinical Research Committee

Dr Richard Adams

Professor David Cameron

Professor Johann De Bono

Miss Adele Francis

Dr Ferdia Gallagher

Professor Richard Gilbertson

Professor Kevin Harrington

Professor Tessa Holyoake

Professor Mark Middleton

Professor Klaus Pantel

Professor Max Parmar

Mr Jim Paul

Professor Ruth Plummer

Mr John Reeve

Mr Richard Stephens

Professor Charles Swanton

Chair of the Clinical Expert Review Panel

Professor David Cameron

Vice Chair of the Clinical Expert Review Panel

Professor Tessa Holyoake

Members of the Clinical Expert Review Panel

Dr Richard Adams

Professor Lucinda Billingham

Professor Neil Burnet

Dr Pippa Corrie

Mr David Chuter

Dr Helena Earl

Professor Jeff Evans

Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn

Dr Eve Gallop-Evans

Dr Darren Hargrave

Mr Chris Hurt

Professor Ian Judson

Dr Muriel Mauer

Professor Iain McNeish

Professor Alex Mirnezami

Dr Marianne Nicolson

Professor Max Parmar

Dr Sanjay Popat

Mr Richard Stephens

Professor Josef Vormoor

Professor Richard Wilson

Chair of the Experimental Medicine Expert Review Panel

Professor Charles Swanton

Vice Chair of the Experimental Medicine Expert Review Panel

Professor Mark Middleton

Members of the Experimental Medicine Expert Review Panel

Professor Fabrice Andre

Mrs Sylvia Bailey

Dr Sarah Brown

Dr Francesca Buffa

Dr Simon Crabb

Professor Malcolm Dunlop

Dr Adele Fielding

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald

Professor Charlie Gourley

Professor Sean Grimmond

Professor Allan Hackshaw

Professor Kevin Harrington

Dr Geoff Higgins

Professor Andrew Hughes

Professor Jason Lewis

Professor Gary Middleton

Professor Peter Parker

Professor Tom Powles

Mr John Reeve

Professor Manuel Salto-Tellez

Ms Louise Stanton

Professor Gareth Thomas

Professor Andrew Tutt

Contact for this committee

Caroline Dalton

Dr Caroline Dalton

​Senior Research Funding Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3469 8860

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