11.1 CRUK Funded Students

11.1.1. Studentships funded by CRUK provide the following: a stipend set by CRUK running expenses standard university consolidated fees1 college fees for Oxford and Cambridge.

11.1.2. Cancer Research UK funding can be used to support student fees set by the host university, but this should be no higher than the home/EU fees applied to students funded by UK Research Councils. Cancer Research UK funding cannot be used to pay for student fees at the overseas rate. However, there are no restrictions on the nationality of the CRUK funded PhD student.

11.1.3. CRUK will not pay expenses for interviewing candidates.

11.1.4. The Host Institution is expected to provide the student the stipend at the level set by CRUK, for four years. CRUK will not pay more than the stipend specified.

11.1.5. The Grantholder must notify CRUK of the student’s name, email address, project title start date within thirty (30) days of the start date.

11.1.6. CRUK does not encourage registration for PhD or MPhil by research assistants or technicians unless they transfer to a studentship. Running Expenses on awards cannot be used to allow Research Personnel to register for PhD, MD or MPhil awards.

11.1.7. If the student has to take time out of their studies due to illness or maternity leave the guidelines of your Host Institution must be followed. The leave and requests for extensions should then be discussed with CRUK.

11.1.8. Depending on local arrangements and agreement from the supervisor, students may spend up to 10 per cent of their time undertaking teaching duties. However, if they are paid for this activity students may become liable for tax and this should be carefully checked before undertaking such work.

11.1.9. CRUK requires the title, a copy of the abstract page, and confirmation of the outcome of the viva voce examination. Students and supervisors must also complete the final year report at the end of the studentship.

11.1.10. If a student fails to complete their PhD, CRUK must be informed of the reason.

11.1.11. CRUK requires details of a student’s first career post after completion of their PhD. If the first post is a one year fill-in position then details of the second post should also be provided. All information should be emailed to:

11.1.12 Studentships funded through programme grants must be guaranteed support for four years and these four years must fall within the duration of the programme grant. Therefore, for standard-length programme grants (60 months), recruitment to studentship posts must take place during the first year of the award. Furthermore, any PhD student funded through a programme grant must be fully funded through that grant; no part-funded studentships are allowed. CRUK must be informed when students are appointed (see condition 11.1.5). When the programme grant is located in a CRUK Centre, the student should have access to the same training and benefits as students funded through Centre awards.

1 No higher than the home/EU fees applied to students funded by other charities or UK Research Councils.

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