Chemotherapy into your vein (intravenous chemotherapy)

Read about ways of having chemotherapy into your vein, including different types of lines and chemotherapy pumps.

About chemotherapy into your vein

Intravenous chemotherapy means having treatment into a vein. You have it either as an injection or a drip.

Chemotherapy through a small tube (cannula)

You can have chemotherapy drugs into a small tube called a cannula.

Central lines

You can have chemotherapy into the bloodstream through a long flexible plastic tube called a central line. 


You can have chemotherapy and other drugs and fluids into a portacath.

PICC Lines (peripherally inserted central catheter)

You can have chemotherapy and other drugs and fluids through a PICC line. 

Chemotherapy pumps

Chemotherapy pumps are one of the ways you can have your chemotherapy. They allow you to have chemo in a controlled way. 

Last reviewed: 
24 Jun 2020
Next review due: 
24 Jun 2023