How you have chemotherapy

People usually have chemotherapy either at a day unit, in hospital or at home. There are different ways of having chemotherapy drugs. Your doctor will talk about the most suitable option for you.

Where you have chemotherapy

Where you have chemotherapy depends on the type of chemotherapy and on what care and support you need when you're having it.

Chemotherapy tablets and capsules

You may have chemotherapy tablets or capsules to take at home. It's important to follow the instructions for taking and storing your chemotherapy tablets. 

Chemotherapy into your vein (intravenous chemotherapy)

Read about ways of having chemotherapy into your vein, including different types of lines and chemotherapy pumps.

Other ways of having chemotherapy

There are different ways you can have chemotherapy. Less common ways include as an injection into the muscle or under the skin, directly into the tumour, or as a cream. 

Last reviewed: 
16 Jun 2020
Next review due: 
16 Jun 2023
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