Tests for thyroid cancer

You might have an ultrasound or a needle biopsy to find out the cause of your symptoms. You may have one or more of the other tests if you are then diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

These test results will provide your doctor with information about your cancer and help them decide on the best treatment for you.

Ultrasound of the thyroid

An ultrasound scan uses high frequency sound waves to create a picture of your thyroid gland.

Needle biopsy of the thyroid

A needle biopsy takes a small amount of fluid and cells from the thyroid.

CT scan for thyroid cancer

A CT scan is a test that uses x-rays and a computer to create detailed pictures of the inside of your body.

MRI scan for thyroid cancer

An MRI scan creates pictures using magnetism and radio waves. It can show where cancer is in the thyroid and if it has spread.

PET-CT scan for thyroid cancer

A PET-CT scan can help to find out whether your thyroid cancer has spread elsewhere in the body.

Last reviewed: 
24 Feb 2021
Next review due: 
19 Feb 2024
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