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Find out about clinical trials and the latest UK research into nasal cavity and paranasal cavity cancers.

Tests of treatments on patients are called clinical trials. Cancer Research UK supports many UK and international clinical trials. The video shows what it is like to take part in a trial.

Research into scans for head and neck cancers

Researchers are looking at ways of improving scans to diagnose cancer and also to see how well treatment is working.

Research into treatments

Researchers are looking at ways of improving treatments, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and targeted cancer drugs. 

New cancer drugs

Research in recent years found that the targeted cancer drugs called cetuximab and panitumumab can help to keep head and neck cancers under control. Research looking at giving cetuximab alongside other cancer drugs for head and neck cancer is continuing around the world.

New types of cancer drug are also being tested in very early clinical trials.

Oxygen treatment to prevent bone damage

Sometimes radiotherapy to the head and neck area can damage the jawbone. This damage is called osteoradionecrosis (ORN). If the damage is bad enough to cause symptoms, you might need surgery to remove the damaged part of the jawbone.

A research study looked at whether a treatment called hyperbaric oxygen could help to heal the jaw bone after surgery. We are waiting to see what the results of this study will show. 

Search for a trial

You can go to our clinical trials database and look for clinical trials for nasal and paranasal sinus cancer. 

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