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Surgery can be used to for different reasons when treating laryngeal cancer. It can be used to remove the cancer, to try and cure the cancer or to relieve its symptoms (palliative surgery).

Types of surgery

Your guide to the main types of surgery for laryngeal cancer and when they are used.

Laser surgery through the mouth

Laser surgery uses a laser, a thin hot beam of light to remove your cancer. 

Surgery to remove the lymph nodes in your neck

Read about the different types of surgery to remove the lymph nodes in your neck.  

Going into hospital

What to expect, what to take in with you, and how to make your hospital visit less stressful.

Preparing for surgery

Find out who you'll meet, the exercises you learn and what happens before you have surgery for laryngeal cancer.

On the day

Read what happens just before you have your surgery for laryngeal cancer.

After laryngeal cancer surgery

Find out how you’ll feel after your surgery. Read about follow up appointments.

Last reviewed: 
26 Jun 2018
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