Tests for eye cancer

You might have some of these tests to help diagnose and stage eye cancer. You might have them again during and after your treatment. These tests help the doctor decide whether you have eye cancer and if so, the best treatment for you.

Your doctor will explain what tests you need.

What tests will I have for eye cancer?

You usually have several tests to help diagnose eye cancer. 

Eye examination

The specialist eye doctor (ophthalmologist) will examine your eyes.

Ultrasound scan of the eye

You may have this scan to diagnose eye cancer.

Fluorescein angiogram of the eye

Your doctor might do an angiogram to look at the blood vessels in your eye. 

A biopsy of the eye

Rarely, the doctor might take a sample (biopsy) of your eye cancer. 

Ultrasound of the liver

You may have a ultrasound of your liver if you have eye melanoma.

Blood tests for eye cancer

You might have blood tests to check your general health.

Genetic testing for eye cancer

Your doctor might examine your eye cancer to test for abnormalities in the cancer cells. This is called cytogenetic testing.

Last reviewed: 
21 Sep 2021
Next review due: 
21 Sep 2024
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