Diagnosing eye cancer

Some people start by seeing their GP or they might see an optician. If the GP or optician are unsure what the problem is or suspect cancer, they will refer you to a hospital eye specialist doctor (ophthalmologist).

You should see your doctor if you notice a change that isn't normal for you or if you have any of the possible signs and symptoms of eye cancer. Your symptoms could be due to another eye condition and not cancer. But if it is, the earlier it's picked up the higher the chance of successful treatment. You won't be wasting your doctor's time.

You usually have several tests to help diagnose eye cancer. 

Seeing your GP when you have symptoms of eye cancer

Get tips to make the most out of your GP appointment.

Referral to a specialist for symptoms of eye cancer

There are no specific referral guidelines for the different types of eye cancer. There are guidelines for a rare type of eye cancer called retinoblastoma.

Screening for eye cancer

There is no national screening programme in the UK for eye cancer.

Tests for eye cancer

You might have some of these tests to help diagnose and stage eye cancer.

Last reviewed: 
17 Sep 2021
Next review due: 
17 Sep 2024
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