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Soft diet meals

A soft diet can get boring if you stick to the basic things like soups, jelly and eggs. But don’t forget that you can still eat many of your favourite foods. Use some imagination and find ways to soften them. 

If you are having treatment for cancer you may feel too tired to cook. Instead you can buy ready meals at your supermarket if you don't have someone to cook for you.

Soft savoury meal ideas

Some ideas of soft savoury foods to eat are:

Meat or vegetarian

  • casseroles, stews or soups
  • shepherd's pie or cottage pie
  • moussaka
  • chilli con carne
  • soup with added cream


  • chicken in cream sauce
  • savoury mince
  • corned beef hash
  • tuna mayonnaise
  • fish and potato in a creamy sauce

Vegetarian and vegetable dishes

  • lentils made into dahl
  • ratatouille
  • mixed vegetables mashed with butter and melted cheese
  • cauliflower cheese
  • jacket potato with butter, grated cheese or cream cheese
  • baked beans with grated cheese
  • tinned spaghetti with grated cheese


  • pasta with different sauces, such as goats cheese, mushroom or creamy tomato
  • bolognaise
  • lasagne
  • macaroni cheese
  • noodles

Egg dishes

  • quiche/flan
  • egg mayonnaise
  • omelette or scrambled egg

Dips and pates

  • smooth pâté (fish or meat)
  • hummus
  • guacamole
  • taramasalata
  • cream cheese

Soft desserts

Buy full fat yoghurts and puddings, not low fat types. Some ideas for soft desserts are:

Pudding, trifles and pies

Try these with egg custard or homemade, powdered, carton or tinned custard.

  • bread and butter pudding
  • sponge pudding with custard or cream
  • homemade or bought trifle
  • lemon meringue pie
  • banoffee pie
  • milk jelly or blancmange
  • milk puddings such as rice, tapioca, semolina or sago with added cream, jam or chocolate sauce
  • instant pudding mixes such as Instant Whip or Angel Delight


  • mousse
  • ready made chocolate desserts
  • crème caramel
  • cheesecake


  • whole fat yoghurts, thick and creamy or Greek yoghurt with honey or stewed fruit
  • fromage frais

Fruit and ice cream

  • fruit fools and purées
  • mashed fruit with ice cream, custard or evaporated milk
  • ice cream or sorbet
  • tinned or stewed fruit with yoghurt, cream, evaporated milk or ice cream
  • fruit crumble or pie with custard or cream

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