About diet problems

Information on why eating and drinking a balanced diet is an important part of coping when you have cancer, and how cancer and its treatment can cause several diet problems.

Types of diet problems

Read about the types of diet problems caused by the side effects of cancer and its treatments.

Managing diet problems in cancer

Information on how to deal with diet problems when you have cancer. Find advice on soft diets, tube feeding and adding calories to your diet to gain weight.

Your feelings about diet problems

Find out how diet problems can affect you emotionally. Read about the things you can do to help you cope.

Diet problems research

Information about research into the causes, prevention and treatments of diet problems including drug therapy, food supplements and exercise.

Resources and support

There are lots of organisations, support groups and helpful books to help you cope with symptoms and side effects caused by cancer and its treatment.

Last reviewed: 
27 Jun 2017

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