What is radiotherapy?

You might have radiotherapy as treatment for cancer. Read about what it is, how it works and where you have it.

Radiotherapy and cancer

Find out how radiotherapy is used to treat cancer, including who gives it and where you have it.

External radiotherapy

External radiotherapy targets radiation at the cancer from a radiotherapy machine. Read about types of external radiotherapy and what happens during planning.

Internal radiotherapy

Read about internal radiotherapy, what it is like, and where you have treatment.

Radiotherapy for symptoms

Radiotherapy to treat symptoms and give a better quality of life is called palliative radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy side effects

Radiotherapy can cause different side effects when it treats different areas of the body. Find out what these side effects are and how they affect you during and after treatment.

Follow up after radiotherapy

When your radiotherapy treatment ends your treatment team will give you advice and information about your recovery.

Research and clinical trials

All cancer treatments have to be fully researched before they can be used for everyone. This is so we know that they work, they are better than the treatments already available and they are safe.

Last reviewed: 
30 Apr 2016

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