Having radiotherapy

Whether you have radiotherapy as part of your treatment depends on what type of cancer you have, how big it is and whether it has spread or not. 

Find out about when and where you might have radiotherapy and who gives it.

When you might have radiotherapy

You might have radiotherapy to try to cure cancer or to help relieve symptoms. You might have it with other treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery.

Who gives radiotherapy?

Many different health care professionals work together to deliver radiotherapy treatment. This includes doctors and therapeutic radiographers. 

Having radiotherapy with a pacemaker or ICD

People with pacemakers can usually have radiotherapy. But a nurse or trained radiographer might monitor the pacemaker before, during and after treatment if the pacemaker is directly in the radiotherapy field.

Last reviewed: 
04 Oct 2023
Next review due: 
04 Oct 2026