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Living with bladder cancer

Find out what you can do to cope with bladder cancer, it's treatment and the effect it has on your life and relationships both during and after treatment. 


Read about what you can do, who can help and how to cope with the physical and practical problems of bladder cancer. 

Living with a stoma (urostomy)

Get tips on how to cope practically and emotionally after a urostomy, bladder reconstruction or surgery to remove early bladder cancer.

Looking after your urostomy

After having a urostomy, you pass urine through an opening (stoma) in your tummy. Learn how to look after it. 

Living with a new bladder

You might have a new bladder made after your bladder is removed. See how this can affect you. 

Looking after your internal urine pouch

After having your bladder removed, you might have an internal pouch to hold the urine. See how you look after it. 

Sex life

Read about how bladder cancer and its treatment can affect your sex life and relationships.

Support at home for you and your family

You might need some care and support at home due to bladder cancer or its treatment.

Resources and support

Find organisations, support groups, videos and books to help you cope with bladder cancer and treatment.

Last reviewed: 
02 Jul 2019
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