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New Agents Committee

Cancer Research UK has agreed to pilot the implementation of the Activity Capture and Attribution Template (ACAT) and the ACAT Review service. A number of CRUK funding schemes will be involved in this pilot, including the New Agents Committee (NAC). Please click here for information on the planned pilot. Submission of an ACAT will be required with all applications submitted to the April 2014 deadline. For further information and learning resources please visit the NIHR website

The New Agents Committee (NAC) selects new anti-cancer treatments for early clinical trials.

NAC members are expert in early clinical trials of novel agents and other aspects of drug development. Proposals and meetings are confidential. NAC-approved novel agents in development include: molecularly targeted small molecules, cytotoxic agents, antibodies, vaccines, viral gene therapy, immunotherapy, cell therapy, radioimmunotherapy, diagnostics and imaging agents.

The NAC is interested in proposals for scientifically-driven trials of novel unregistered anti-cancer agents, and reviews and funds:

  • Exploratory/preclinical development prior to a clinical trial
  • Phase I trials, including First-in-Man
  • Combinations trials of unregistered and registered agents
  • Early Phase II hypothesis-testing trials

Trials take place in UK academic clinical centres. 

Proposals are subject to external, international peer review and are judged on the basis of:

  • Scientific rationale and importance
  • Uniqueness/novelty of the target or agent
  • Significance of the proposed trial and its endpoints
  • Clinical need
  • Quality of data in relevant models

The New Agents Committee currently offers the following schemes:

DDO Project Proposals

These projects are funded and managed from exploratory through to clinical development by Cancer Research UK's Drug Development Office (DDO). The DDO also acts as trial sponsor.

NAC Trial Grant

There is no funding for exploratory or preclinical development under this scheme.

NAC Trial Endorsement

Trials funded by third parties can be given NAC review and endorsement.

NAC Preclinical Grant

Funding for preclinical in vitro and in vivo studies in support of novel drug/drug or novel drug/radiotherapy combinations, including novel combinations with established drugs.  The output of the grant should be in vitro and in vivo data needed to support a Phase I clinical trial of the novel combination in cancer patients.

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See below for information on how to contact this Committee's secretariat and on the available funding schemes.

Schemes reviewed by this committee:
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Tel: +44 (0) 20 3469 6929
Updated: 7 February 2014