Science Committee Programme Awards

About this scheme

Key information

Career level
Established independent researcher
Non-clinical researcher
Research area
Biomarker research
Pre-clinical research
Radiotherapy research
Imaging research
Cancer biology
Preliminary submission
Final submission
Committee review
Funding period
Up to 5 years
Funding amount
Up to £2.5 million
Programme Awards provide long-term support for broad, multidisciplinary research where the aim is to answer questions spanning basic and translational research.

Applications are accepted from scientists, clinicians or health care workers in UK universities, medical schools, hospitals and some research institutions.

All applicants for Science Committee Programme Awards are required to discuss their proposal with CRUK staff before starting the application process.

Applications are judged on the basis of scientific excellence, innovation and importance to furthering our understanding of cancer or potential benefits to cancer patients.

Applications will be considered in the following areas:

  • Basic biological research: Any area of basic biological research relating to cancer. Studies may include the use of model systems (e.g. yeast, worm, fly, zebrafish, mouse), cell lines (animal or human) or primary tumour material
  • Preclinical studies: Research that will generate biological data to underpin therapeutic development
  • Biomarkers
  • Imaging
  • Radiotherapy research
  • The application of engineering and physical sciences to cancer

For more specific details of research supported by Science Committee Programme Awards, please refer to the scheme guidelines.

Funding support is provided for:

  • Salaries for researchers and technical staff
  • PhD Students (stipend, fees and running expenses)
  • Running expenses
  • Equipment

How to apply to this scheme

Overview of the application process

Applications for Science Committee Programme Awards are considered twice a year and follow a two-stage process:

  1. Outline application: You'll need to submit an outline application which the Science Committee will use to decide whether to invite you to submit a full application to a subsequent meeting. We advise you to contact the office at least two months prior to the submission deadline to discuss the process and be given access to an online application form. If you're a renewing applicant, you do not need to complete this stage.
  2. Full or Renewing application: If you're invited to submit a full application, you can do so straightaway or wait until the next funding call. You'll be invited to an interview with an Expert Review Panel who will make funding recommendations to the Science Committee.​

All full applications must be made through our electronic Grants Management System (eGMS), where one PI must assume the responsibility of named Lead Applicant.


Outline application deadline

Full application deadline

Interview dates

Committee review

22 February 2018

07 June 2018

September/October 2018

November 2018

22 August 2018

06 December 2018

February/March 2019

May 2019

Please note that if your outline application is approved, you can choose to submit by either of the two subsequent full application deadlines.

Before making your application

1. Please ensure you read the following documents: 

Outline application guidelines (PDF)

Full application guidelines (PDF)

Funding grant conditions

2. Applicants must contact the office to discuss their eligibility and suitability of their research proposal in advance of submitting an application (contact information below)

Applications are assessed by international peer review and Expert Review Panel. Final funding decisions are made by the Science Committee.

Cancer Research UK contact details

You must contact a funding manager for this scheme to discuss you proposal before starting your application.

Applications from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and North East England

Maurice Darding

Dr Maurice Darding - Research Funding Manager

Tel: 020 3469 8780



Applications from Yorkshire, North West England and South West England

Please email and your email will be directed.

Alternatively, call Matt Ashenden on the number below.


Applications from Cambridge, Essex and East Anglia

Matt AshendenDr Matt Ashenden - Senior Research Funding Manager

Tel: 020 3469 8082



Applications from London

Lisa Schardt

Dr Lisa Schardt - Research Funding Manager

Tel: 020 3469 8846



Applications from all other locations

Dr Siru Virtanen

Dr Siru Virtanen - Research Funding Manager

Tel: 020 3469 8766



Case study

Dr Phil Jones is developing powerful model systems that will help transform our understanding of the earliest steps in the evolution of oesophageal cancer.

Research events

Our Strategy and Research Funding teams attend and exhibit at conferences, meetings and workshops throughout the year.