Late Phase Clinical Trial Awards

About this scheme

Key information

Career level
Established independent researcher
Research area
Clinical trials
Surgery research
Radiotherapy research
Biomarker research
Preliminary submission
Final submission
Committee review
Funding period
up to 10 years
Funding amount
up to £150,000 per year*
This scheme supports interventional research into cancer treatment (including systemic treatment, radiotherapy and surgery), with a clinical primary endpoint.

Applications must be:

  • From a UK university, research institution, clinical centre or clinical trials unit (CTU)
  • For investigator-led, interventional studies for cancer treatment
  • For systemic treatment, radiotherapy or surgery with clinical primary endpoints
  • Large scale phase 2 trials, phase2/3 trials, phase 3 trials and phase 4 trials which aim to improve survival
  • Developed with the involvement of an experienced CTU

Funding is provided for:

  • Salaries for researchers and technical staff
  • Running expenses 
  • Equipment
  • Where sample collection and/or biomarker investigation is integral to the endpoints of the trial, this can be included in the application
*Guide costs are up to £150,000 per year. Larger amounts may be considered with appropriate justification, particularly where substantial sample collection and/or biomarker investigation is included. Please contact the Clinical Research Funding team before submitting your application if you would like to apply for a larger amount.

How to apply to this scheme

Application process overview

Applications for this scheme are considered twice a year and most applications require you to submit an outline first.

20th March 2018

 Outline application deadline

May 2018

Clinical Research Committee meeting (decision on whether a full application is invited)

7th July 2018

Full application deadline

October 2018

Expert Review Panel meeting

November 2018

Clinical Research Committee meeting (final decision)

The next outline application deadline after March 2018 will be in September 2018.

An outline application can be omitted where one of the following applies:
• you are applying for endorsement only
• your study follows seamlessly on from a feasibility study previously funded by CRUK
• you are requesting funding for the UK component of an internationally-led clinical trial
• you are applying for a costed amendment or extension to an existing study supported by CRUK

In these circumstances, the following dates apply:

14th June 2018

Full application deadline

October 2018

Expert Review Panel meeting

November 2018

Clinical Research Committee meeting (final decision)

Before you begin your application

  • You must provide the Clinical Research Funding team with a two page proposal describing your study. After we have checked that your proposal is within remit you’ll be able to begin your application.

  • You must develop your application with the involvement of an experienced CTU

  • You must read the application guidelines (PDF) before starting your application, even if you have applied for funding with us before

  • You must read the costs guidance (PDF) to understand what we will and will not fund

Yes. Academically-sponsored feasibility studies in receipt of educational grants and/or free drugs from the pharmaceutical industry can be submitted for CRUK endorsement.

Industry-sponsored trials cannot be reviewed under this scheme.

Under exceptional circumstances, applications for extensions to funding are accepted under this scheme. Please contact the Clinical Research Funding team to discuss the need for an extension, and for access to an extension application form.

Requests for no-cost extensions can be made by submitting the no-cost extension request form to the Clinical Research Funding team.

Yes. Amendments must be reviewed by the Committee where there is a significant change to the study design, sample size or study drug. There are two routes for review of amendments:

  • Review at a Committee meeting: this applies where additional funding is being requested. An amendment application must be submitted to the advertised deadline for that funding round and will be reviewed at a Committee meeting.
  • Out of Committee Review: this applies where no funding is being requested for the amendment. An amendment application must be submitted, which will be reviewed outside of the Committee meeting. A faster review is usually possible for this route.

In both cases, please contact the office for guidance and for access to an amendment application form.

Our priorities are set out in our Clinical Research Statement of Intent.

Applications are assessed by an Expert Review Panel. Final funding recommendations are made by the Clinical Research Committee (CRC).

If you have an application currently under consideration you can expect to hear the outcome in early December.

​You must contact a funding manager to discuss you proposal before starting your application.

Applications from Wales

caroline daltonDr Caroline Dalton

Senior Research Funding Manager

Tel: 020 3469 8860



Applications from London

Ewan Hughes McInnesMr Ewan Hughes McInnes

Research Funding Manager

Tel: 020 3469 6532



Applications from Northern England and Scotland

Dr Caroline Glover, Research Funding Manager

Ms Caroline Glover

Research Funding Manager

Tel: 0203 469 8934



Applications from all other locations

Kirsty Tunna, Research Funding ManagerMs Kirsty Tunna

Research Funding Manager

Tel: 0203 469 5080

Useful resources

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