Biomarker Project Awards

About this scheme

Key information

Career level
Early career researcher
Established independent researcher
Research area
Biomarker research
Early diagnosis
Radiotherapy research
Imaging research
Final submission
Committee review
Funding period
Typically 36 months, but longer periods will be considered with appropriate justification.
Funding amount
Typically up to £100,000 per annum, but larger amounts will be considered with appropriate justification.
Funding for translational research where the aim is to build upon the validation of biomarkers, with steps taken to qualify their use in the clinical setting.

Applications will be accepted from scientists, clinicians or health care workers in UK universities, medical schools, hospitals and some research institutions.

Research areas:

Applications will be considered across biomarker discovery, assay development, qualification, or imaging discovery and evaluation.

Proposals can use invasive or imaging techniques and cover all types of biomarkers including predisposition, screening, diagnostic, prognostic, predictive, pharmacological and surrogate response.

We are particularly interested in applications that fall under the following areas:

  • The qualification of predictive biomarkers for conventional cytotoxics (including radiation)
  • Early detection biomarkers.
  • Circulating biomarkers – cells and nucleic acids (proteomics excluded).

Applications will be judged based on how well the project proposal meets the following criteria:

  • Science – Have you presented a clear scientific and clinical need for the biomarker? Do you have preliminary data to support your hypothesis?
  • Samples – Do you have access to appropriate clinical samples? Is your assay robust?
  • Scope – Do you have appropriate expertise in the proposed research team to undertake the project? Is there ‘line of sight’ to the clinic?
  • Statistics – Is the study appropriately statistically powered to ensure significant results? Do you have a named biomarker statistician on your application?

For more specific details of research supported by Biomarker Project Awards and further information on review criteria, please refer to the scheme guidelines.

Funding support provided for:

  • Salaries for researchers and technical staff
  • Running expenses
  • Equipment

Science Committee

Our funding schemes award money raised through our charity fundraising, including, for translational research, by Stand Up To Cancer UK.

How to apply to this scheme

Applications for Biomarker Project Awards are considered twice a year. Applications will be assessed by international peer review from the biomarker field, before review by the Biomarker Expert Review Panel. The final funding decision is made by the Science Committee.



Full application deadline

October 2015 Science Committee

18th May 2015

April 2016 Science Committee

9th November 2015


Applicants must contact the office in advance of the deadline to be given access to the eGMS application form. Please email a one-page summary of your proposal to Dr Rosie Fryer.

If you require more information or would like to discuss your application, please be advised to contact the office at least 2 months in advance of the submission deadline.

All applications must be made through our electronic Grants Management System (eGMS).

Please read the full application guidelines (PDF) and grant conditions (PDF) before starting your application form.

Dr Rosie Fryer

Tel:  +44 (0) 20 3469 8097