The Policy Research Centre for Cancer Prevention (PRCP)

The Policy Research Centre for Cancer Prevention (PRCP) commissions and conducts research on lifestyles and behaviours that are associated with cancer which can be translated into key prevention policy recommendations.

Our mission is to provide high quality research evidence that supports the development of policy to promote healthy living and improving the environments that support health.

Our vision is a healthier population who avoid more preventable cancers.

The Centre is headed by Dr Jyotsna Vohra and sits within the Cancer Prevention Department in our Policy and Information Directorate. The PRCP is part of the Cancer Prevention Initiative.

Our remit

The PRCP carries out research into the following risk factors:

The centre will also attempt to consider health inequalities in all work as appropriate. The PRCP seeks to conduct between five and eight pieces of research per year over the next four years to inform key policy in the areas of cancer prevention.

Our aims

The PRCP has key aims to:

  • Identify the evidence gaps and carry out work that is responsive to them (evidence synthesis, evaluations and modelling)
  • Ensure that the work is high quality, targeted and translatable policy research
  • Promote key interventions that will lead to a healthier lifestyle overall
  • Consider inequalities in all work
  • Ensure sustainability of prevention policy research at CRUK

In February 2015 a workshop was held to introduce the new Cancer Prevention Department and PRCP and gain vital input on areas where evidence was required to drive forward policy for behaviour change to reduce the numbers of preventable cancers. The workshop findings report provides an overview of current and future research priorities for the PRCP.

Workshop findings report


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