Clinical Careers Committee

The Clinical Careers Committee has a broad remit to support clinicians and allied health professionals working in areas spanning basic and translational research.

For each of the funding schemes supported by the Clinical Careers Committee, projects are encouraged from any area of Cancer Research UK's funding remit, with the exception of drug discovery and clinical trials.

Funding schemes

Pre-doctoral Research Bursaries provide short-term funding to allow clinicians and other health professionals to get involved in research projects early in their career.

Postdoctoral Research Bursaries for Clinical Trainees offer funding for clinical trainees to undertake a research project after completion of a PhD, during completion of their clinical specialty training.

The Clinician Scientist Fellowship offers excellent individuals the opportunity to develop their clinical academic research career.

The Advanced Clinician Scientist Fellowship offers excellent individuals the opportunity to develop an independent clinical academic research career.

Clinicians who want to build their own research team should contact us before applying to discuss the best route for funding. If you have a fully-funded position you may be eligible to apply for a Career Establishment Award. If you have more than eight years of research experience post-PhD you should consider a Senior Cancer Research Fellowship or a Programme Foundation Award.

How proposals are judged

The Clinical Careers Committee meets twice a year to assess applications. Applications are judged on the basis of scientific excellence, the research environment, candidate’s track record, and relevance of the research to the aims of Cancer Research UK


Professor Tony Green - Chair – Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge

Dr David Adams Experimental Cancer Genetics, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Professor Thomas Brunner – Radiation Oncology, University Hospitals of Freiburg

Professor Louis Chesler – Paediatric Solid Tumour Biology and Therapeutics, The Institute of Cancer Research, London

Professor John Chester Institute of Cancer and Genetics, Cardiff University 

Professor Diana Eccles Cancer Genetics, University of Southampton

Professor Jude Fitzgibbon – Haemato-Oncology Centre, Queen Mary University of London

Professor Freddie Hamdy – Surgical Oncology, University of Oxford

Professor Alan Jackson – Institute of Population Health, University of Manchester

Professor Samuel Janes – Internal Medicine, University College London 

Professor Stephen Taylor – Life Sciences, University of Manchester

Professor Reuben Tooze Molecular Haematopathology, University of Leeds

Professor Kwee Yong Clinical Haematology, University College London 


Contact this committee

Rachael Panizzo


Rachael Panizzo

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3469 5331

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