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Life after a hysterectomy

Having your womb removed (hysterectomy) can be a big operation. Most women who have vaginal cancer and have this operation are older and have had their menopause. Even so, having to have your womb removed can be a shock.

Many women feel a sense of loss if they have a hysterectomy. Some women find the operation makes them feel less feminine. It may take you time to get over these feelings and you might find it helpful to talk things through with your close family and friends.

Losing your fertility

If you are young and wanted to have a child or to complete your family, a hysterectomy can be very difficult to cope with. Even if you were not planning to have any children in the future, the loss of your fertility can be quite a shock.

It is the end of a particular phase of your life. You'll have all the feelings that come with a natural change of life, as well as having to cope with a diagnosis of cancer.

Finding support

Help and support is available if you need it. It may help you to share your worries or sense of loss with other women who have been through similar experiences. You may find support by talking to others such as:

  • other women at your local cancer support group
  • your specialist nurse
  • a counsellor

You could also get in touch with one of the organisations that can support women with vaginal cancer. Or make contact with people through an online forum such as Cancer Chat.

For support and information, you can call the Cancer Research UK information nurses on freephone 0808 800 4040, from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. They can give advice about who can help you and what kind of support is available.
Last reviewed: 
23 May 2018
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